[Rita-Dragneel] Boufuku Manga

[Rita-Dragneel] Boufuku Manga

an original limerick by wilburjorgeafraidya

there was once a broke lady writer from pawtucket

her chair was repo'd so she had to sit on a bucket

she licked the pen's tip but did not suck it

she wrote a book about racoon cap wearing davy crockett

the fancy critics all said we must knock it

but then the book sales took off like a rocket

and then every bookstore manager said we must stock it

the lady writer took the profits and bought a gold locket

the end

dedicated to anyonewho writes or reads anything here and because i

need to add more characters to reach the magic number of five hundred letters

the screen say for me to publish above limerick. Blowjob Contest Yayoi★private Lesson .

Hentai: [Rita-Dragneel] Boufuku Manga

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