Black Dick Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu – Original

Black Dick Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu - Original

She felt her shoes, shirt and denim clothes being stripped from her body and heard herself screaming “let me go, you bustards!!!” Jessica was told to sit down on the belt and a set of ankle cuffs were placed on both of her ankles, she knew to struggle was useless her legs were forced apart and chains were attached to the meat gimbaled her crotch hurt from her legs being spread further than normal she could hear the whine of a small winch and was quickly lifted into her final position. Jessica was in shock at what she had done but she was also excited and wet the judge said “good your fine is paid in full and you will be trained as a female processor your contract will be for 90 days at the end of 30 days if your supervisor agrees you will become a processor if not you will be placed on the Prime meat cow list, sold and custom butchered to the highest bidder”
The next 90 days passed quickly and she could not get used to the idea of slaughtering women like her self she hung up her apron and tools “I wonder where I will be Monday when I come into work, standing here?, of hanging up there?” she thought as she looked up toward the line of meat cow's still hanging upside down from there ankles, waiting to be slaughtered.

Hentai: (C94) [ENJOY MIX (Tokiai Haya)] Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu [Chinese] [脸肿汉化组]

Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 1Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 2Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 3Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 4Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 5Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 6Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 7Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 8Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 9Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 10Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 11Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 12Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 13Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 14Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 15Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 16Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 17Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 18Dokidoki! Dousei Seikatsu 19

(C94) [ENJOY MIX (伽藍快)]ドキドキ! 童棲性活[中国翻訳]

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