[Kaishinshi] Futari Bukatsu (Juicy No. 4 2014-01) [English] {NecroManCr}

[Kaishinshi] Futari Bukatsu (Juicy No. 4 2014-01) [English] {NecroManCr}

Rachel was a very attractive girl, just 19 and every bit as stunning as any girl he had ever known. I feel my cock at its biggest, pressing hard against Rachel's closed legs, my bare cock where it pokes through my open boxer shorts against the backs of her naked thighs.

Hentai: [Kaishinshi] Futari Bukatsu (Juicy No. 4 2014-01) [English] {NecroManCr}

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[カイシンシ]2人部活(ジューシー No.4 2014年1月号) [英訳]

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