Sexy Girl Sex Pretty Melt Animated

Sexy Girl Sex Pretty Melt  Animated

When l got to the flat, Jake and another guy name Colin were there Jeremy introduced me as Danielle his sissy slave, Jake grabbed me for another snog causing Colin to point out l was a bit of a slut that needs training as l had let Jake kiss me without asking my master, Jeremy told me to go to the kitchen and sit with Colin’s sissy slave Stacy. My dress was lifted up to my waist and my knickers where coming down then l kicked them off, he ordered me to undress him then kneel in front of him and suck his cock Jeremy taught me just how he likes to be wanked and how he loved his cock to be sucked, he had been cut so l slowly rolled what foreskin he had over his cock up and down his shaft till the head of his cock had swollen to a good size then gently lick and kiss the tip before taking it into my mouth to suck making sure l had plenty of saliva in my mouth so his cock was always warm and wet, he would start fucking my mouth just as if it was a wet warm pussy l got to know when he was near to spunking as l always got a salty taste in my mouth, but that first time was different it was all new to me, Jeremy ordered me to lay face down on the bed which l did my cock was so hard, all manner of things were going through my head with what he might be going to do to me, he lifted my dress and lay on my back, l could feel his cock between my bum cheeks it was so warm next he began kissing my neck telling me how he wanted me the first time he saw me standing in the woods, Jeremy knew l was nervous and put me at ease by telling me he wasn’t going to fuck me this time but if l was to be his slave then l’d better get used to being fucked whenever he wanted me then began sliding himself up and down as if to be fucking me, it felt so good as his pretend fuck of me got faster l could feel myself cuming my breathing got deeper l couldn’t hold back and yelled ‘lm cuming’, Jeremy stopped and shouted at me ‘no!” not until he has shot his load first, l don’t know how l did it but l stopped myself from creaming my slip and dress, he started his pretend fucking of me again for a while longer then gripped my hips and cried out ‘l’m fucking cuming’ l felt his hot sticky spunk gushing from his cock going between my bum cheeks and lower back, Jeremy lay on me for a while then asked ‘did you enjoy that Danielle’ once l caught my breath l replied “mmm yes”, Jeremy said it wasn’t over yet as l now had to stand in front of him and wank my cock till l shot my spunk into my hand, it didn’t take long before my spunk was gushing from my cock into my hand.

Hentai: [Uru] Pretty Melt (Japanese, colored, ongoing)

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